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Cemetery Management

Supercharge your sales by turning visitors into buyers

Streamline your cemetery operations and make informed decisions with a single solution for managing all aspects of cemetery data

Sales Management

Showcase rich, digital records

Enhance your prospective buyer's online experience by showcasing rich, digital records of your burial properties that will help them to quickly zero in on the right option

Showcase rich, digital records
Accept scheduled sales appointments

Enable prospective buyers to submit appointment requests to your calendar from multiple sources and receive a notification before accepting, eliminating the risk of scheduling conflicts

Accept scheduled sales appointments
Take advantage of all digital documents and e-signatures

Save time and reduce costs by eliminating the need for origination, physical storage, and retrieval of paper documents. Formalize purchases faster without the extra time required to print, sign, mail, fax and scan the “original” documents

Take advantage of all digital documents and e-signatures
Offer more with embedded financial solutions

Empower your buyers with fully integrated payments solutions. Connect them with the capital they need to make the right purchase while providing greater payment efficiencies and integrated billing

Offer more with embedded financial solutions
Sell your cemetery properties and services online
Sell your cemetery properties and services online

Our experts will guide you through a seamless onboarding where we collaboratively capture and digitize your available cemetery properties, enriching the listings with digital content and making them available for sale via your website to actively looking buyers online 24/7

Modernize onsite sales transaction
Modernize onsite sales transaction

Modernize how you complete your sales transactions at your offices, or on the grounds. Reduce all manual processes and associated painpoints by following our automated sales processes

Connect with actively looking and pre-planning buyers
Connect with actively looking and pre‑planning buyers

Your available burial properties is intelligently discerned and marketed to actively looking and pre‑planning buyers via our growing nationwide Funeral Homes network and is made available for sales appointment at your cemetery

Records Management

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records management
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mobile interface examplemobile interface example

Manage your client records using a seamless and intuitive interface combining property,ownership and burial data.

Use an interactive cemetery map to locate burials with links to all relevant electronic data and documents.

Manage monuments, plaques and markers by type, headstone image and single burial conditions using a map with GPS coordinates.

Create a digital display of a mausoleum’s structure, highlighting banks, niches and crypts, covers and lettering.

Integrated document packages, including all deeds and contracts, provide a complete picture of each cemetery lot property.

Connecting with the sales process in real-time, Records Management displays the current status of every transaction and helps in the planning of the future expansion of the cemetery.

Managers and employees have the entire cemetery at their fingertips via a mobile app.

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Key Features

Why use Cemetery Management System?


The control room for your cemetery where you can access and manage all of your cemetery’s data and operations. It allows you to easily track and analyze key metrics and performance indicators, such as burial and cremation rates, plot availability, and revenue generation.