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How it works

Discover how to make crematorium and burial lot reservations

Key Features

Explore key features of AFS Director Workstation

Crematorium Reservations

Automate, streamline and grow your cremations by connecting directly with the crematoriums to check their schedule, reserve cremation date/time, and electronically share documents

Burial properties

Discover and reserve verified, available burial properties online, for the families, directly from the cemeteries, without ever visiting the location

Documents and forms

Automate production of your internal branded documents and government forms by only entering data once and using multiple ways

Audit Trail and History

Retain secure, cloud-based digital case records and clearly defined, time-stamped audit trail of all events, transactions and changes

Pay online

Powered by Stripe and specifically designed for funeral directors, our comprehensive payments solution offers flexibility of choosing your preferred mode of payment

Collaborate online

Securely collaborate online on cases and projects, share files, documents, forms, assign tasks and get notified when they are complete

Alerts and notifications

Set and configure customizable alerts and notifications, delivered via text, email or push notifications for events ranging from arrangement conference to final disposition

24/7 support

Our New York-based Client Service Team provides comprehensive, 24/7 concierge-level support service via phone, email or live chat and offers highly personalized stewardship and oversight of every case

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About us

EST. 2019 New York City

Mission built

AFS was founded on a realization that technology is redefining the way funeral directors do their jobs today and there is a clear need for a turnkey online solutions platform that modernizes comprehensive death-care management and offers better experience for funeral directors, families and vendors

New York City

AFS is headquartered in Midtown New York City at 750 Lexington Avenue


AFS originated in the Spring 2019 in New York City
New York State Association of Cemeteries
Proud Member and Supporter of the New York State Association of Cemeteries
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