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Inventory Services

Credible. Accurate. Digital.

Integrate and streamline all elements of cemetery inventory management into a seamless and intuitive workflow, from legacy data conversion to geolocation mapping

Capture, organize, manage
and search your entire inventory

Cemetery Map at a Glance

A convenient interactive cemetery map

Search for lots, monuments, and decedents on a scalable map showing the current status and the situation in the cemetery in real time.

High level of detail with UAV

View every bush, monument, and path on a high-resolution map

All functions on a single map

Integrated Sales, Records, Mausoleums and Public Search functions ensure an unprecedented level of efficiency and transparency.

A convenient interactive cemetery mapMap popup
A convenient interactive cemetery map
A convenient interactive cemetery map
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MyCemetery App

  • Available on iPhone and Android Use the app as an everyday tool when working in the cemetery and for staff communication.
  • Easy to learn, simple to use Simple and contemporary design
  • Feature-rich Search for any decedent, view cemetery map and photos – an indispensable assistant in your daily routine.
All Funeral Services MyCemetery App

Digitize your legacy
Books and Records

Digitize your legacy Books and Records
Dedicated on-site data collection and professional services to convert your archives to a digital format.
Compile an inventory, index, and audit all your physical artifacts, including lot cards, folios, contracts, deeds, certificates, and more.
Convert legacy data to digital format with content classification.
Identify, capture, and digitize designated data fields; establish and implement preferred naming conventions and indexing procedures.
Electronic data storage within Cemetery Workstation enables backup of all data via secure, mirrored data centers. In addition, an external physical storage device is provided for full data backup.