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Crematory Management

Digital transformation of your crematory

Automate, streamline and
grow your Cremation Orders

Receive Reservations Online

Improve the efficiency and grow your cremation orders pipeline by accepting cremation reservations online, directly from Funeral Homes, via email or on the platform, with embedded vital information about the deceased.

Receive Reservations Online

Accept Payments

Powered by Stripe, the new standard in online payments, Cremation Management enables you to achieve greater payment efficiencies by offering your Funeral Home partners the convenience of easily, and securely, paying the crematorium fees via their preferred mode of payment

Accept Payments

Track the Cremation Process Through All Stages

The system's interface is designed to facilitate all aspects of the cremation process, from initial reservation to final mailing or in-person disposition instructions, and through every stage of the cremation process

Track the Cremation

Share Status and Milestones

Directly engage and interact with your Funeral Home partners online, without picking up a phone, by providing unprecedented visibility and transparency into the status and milestones of their cremations in your care

Share Status

Digital Documents

Formalize cremation transactions faster without the extra time and effort required to print, sign, mail, fax, scan, and/or e-mail the “original” cremation documents

Digital Documents

Key Features

How our solution optimizes your business processes

MyCrematorium App

  • Available on iPhone and Android Use the app as an everyday tool when working in the cemetery and for staff communication.
  • Easy to learn, simple to use Simple and contemporary design
  • Feature-rich Full crematorium management functionality in your pocket.
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